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Contemporary maids

We are proud to announce the acquisition of Referred Cleaning by Contemporary Maids. An experienced and continuously growing company that knows what you need.

Being in the commercial and residential cleaning business for 23 years, we know what you expect before you even tell us. We are an owner operated business that still cares about each individual client. At the same time, our operations are large enough to handle any scale project you have for us.

Sometimes smaller businesses fail because of the inexperience of handling growing pains. Referred Cleaning was on that very thin line. While the bones of a great company was here with the quality cleaning, and exceptional customer service, we were growing at a pace we couldn't handle. Fortunately, Contemporary Maids came to the rescue. Bringing the know how and experience needed for us to continue to flourish. Referred Cleaning lives on, THANK YOU CONTEMPORARY MAIDS!!!

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